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Hi! I'm nay nay, a 17 year old girl. Live in the USA & I love Avatar/The Legend of Korra. However I also love Twisted, Scandal, cartoons,The Hunger Games, TVD(even though i hate it so much right now), The Fosters, Sleepy Hollow, Shameless, Awkward., Teen Wolf, Movies, Video Games, Every genre of music. Hardcore Bamon shipper. Recent obsession: Lupita Nyongo'o duh, and I will post whatever the hell i want. Have a nice day/night wherever you live depending on the time you look at this :D
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Klaus Mikaelson + Suits

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Paul Wesley attends Tribeca Film Festival Event in NYC

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I am going to have to disappear for a while. That means no fics,no posting, no nothing. I don’t know when I will be back and right now I don’t much care. I am probably more depressed and broken down than I have ever been and i need to take some time to figure out my situation. I will miss you all in the means time. See when I see you. 


Bamon - 2x10/4x06/3x20/2x17


God, Elena, how many times does a guy have to break up with you for it to finally sink in? I guess him being blunt and cruel did the trick. It sure did for me. I was super duper excited!


I wonder how quick the show would get canceled if Delena, Klaroline, Beremy and Steroline are all a couple at the same time.


Yeah says the guy who already cheated with his dead ex-girlfriend.


No people this isn’t even about what I ship

Jeremy is ok as character in general but he’s a damn AWFUL boyfriend ok?

I would take any male endgame for Bonnie or Female over a Beremy endgame.

Let’s see if the writers love her enough for this relationship not to be here next season.

Do people…


Charles Michael Davis

Okay, here’s what’s not okay. Do what you want to protect me but don’t lie to me.
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-Matt only remembers when the plot isn’t Bonnie

-We only get Bonnie and Grams scene when the plot involves Elena?

-We get Kol + Matt but not Kennett….